I am Narayanan and I like to share my experience with Paleto Nutricare for last 100 days.

I am a Type 2 diabetic for last 10 years. I was taking 25 units of insulin and diabetic medicines all the three times before and after food every day. I was very much worried about my diabetic conditions. Actually, I want to avoid to take insulin and medicines and tried various options to control the diabetic status. But there was no improvement in my health. I was not able to reduce my weight even a single Kilo during those days. I was really fed up and searching for correct solution to control my diabetic nature and also looking for weight reduction. Finally I found Paleto Nutircare from Google pages and gone through the sites about Paleto Nutricare. One day, I personally met the consultant of Paleto Nutricare and cleared all my doubts about their method, diet pattersn, guidance and follow up and I finally decided to join the 100 days program of Low Carb Diet, from mid of March 2020.

When I joined Paleto Nutricare, my HbA1c is 9.4 and weight is 81.5 kgs.
PN asked me to take the complete medical tests before starting the program. After submitting the medical reports and my life style,
PN formed a WhatsApp group with a team of consultant, dieticians immediately with Unique identity and sent all the relevant informations to my PN group. I am a thorough vegetarian follower and requested PN to suggest the diet chart to be followed by me. They made a complete personalised diet chart for me to be followed for 100 days. In initial days of Low Carb diet, I used to take insulin and medicines as prescribed my diabetic consultant. After reviewing my sugar level, PN suggested to reduce my insulin dosage and medicines step my step over the period of time and I have completely stopped my insulin and diabetic medicines from 23rd day and my sugar level also showed below 120 consistently.
I also felt very energetic and my weight also getting reduced significantly and I decided to follow their guidance sincerely to come out from my diabetic status.

Today, I am a non-diabetic and my HbA1c is below 6.0 and my weight as ondate is 64 kgs and reduced 17 kgs in 95 days.

PN will give proper guidance and suggestion even after my 100 days journey to maintain my health in proper way.

PN consultants and dieticians were very kind eough in clearing all my silly doubts, Esp Mr.Savadan, Mrs.Bhuvaneswari, Mrs.Presenta.

I feel Low Carb diet is one of the best diet pattern to come out from Type 2 diabetes and to control our weight and Paleto Nutricare is one of the best Consulting firm to my knowledge.

Today, I am very much proud to become non-diabetic person by controlling my 10 years of diabetic status. I personally thank all Paleto Nutricare team members to achieve my goal and to become a normal healthy person.

Thanks Paleto Nutricare,