I strongly recommend this paleo diet for 100 days. I gained my weight by eating steroids tablet and I felt very difficult in reducing it but due to this paleo diet I was able to loose nearly 10 kgs of my weight in 2.5 months. From 75.5 kg to 64.7 kg. The team coordinates so well and they will allocate a separate dietician so that we can clarify our doubts. They are so kind enough and they ll guide us according to our wish. Initially they ll ask us to take paleo test package report and they ll provide diet recommendations according to our blood test report. They do give us all recipes so that it ll be easy for us to prepare and eat. They also suggest some exercises, maintenance diet chart to maintain our weight after 100 days. So if u are feeling difficult in loosing weight please follow this paleo diet plan offered by Paleto Nutricare LLP