Our Approach

We provide individualized nutrition therapy for Obesity & Weight loss, PCOS, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome monitored by a panel of doctors and dietitians.

Science Based | Personalised | Holistic Approach | Continuous Monitoring | Multi-Dietary Strategy


  • Science has established that the various lifestyle disorders such as obesity, PCOD, diabetes (Type 2) and hypertension have a common root cause —– Insulin Resistance. Scientifically proven therapeutic tools for improving insulin sensitivity are
    • Low Carbohydrate diets (What to eat)
    • Intermittent fasting (When to eat)

    At Paleto, we attack the root cause through a continuously monitored dietary program combining a low carbohydrate diet with periodic intermittent fasting.


Our diet plan is individualized and designed for flexibility taking into account, individual food preferences (Veg/Non-Veg/Veg+egg etc.), religious beliefs, and specific health conditions of our customers.

Curated exercises and individualized behavioral advice ensuring optimal benefits.


Every lifestyle illness has multiple dimensions – medical, nutritional and behavioral. Paleto follows a holistic multi-pronged approach to address each of these dimensions with a team comprising of doctors, nutritionists, wellness coaches and physiotherapists.

  • Doctor – Provides Medical guidance
  • Dietitian – Diet Plan and Continuous monitoring
  • Wellness Coach – Stress Management and Sleep Therapy
  • Physiotherapists – Exercise advisory

Continuous Monitoring

At the heart of Paleto’s approach is our promise of continuous monitoring and guidance. We do not just provide a diet plan – we continually monitor, guide and hand-hold the customers to achieve their desired results.

  • Daily review of customers food intake
  • Weekly progress review call
  • Bi-weekly weight monitoring

Multi-Dietary Strategy

Every body is unique and Paleto follows a multi-pronged dietary strategy to ensure the desired goals are achieved for each of our customers. Our continuous monitoring enables us to guide our customers to gradually adopt to intermittent fasting where the eating window will be 8 hours or less. In addition, depending on customers progress and ability, additional strategies like extended hours fasting, warrior fasting, zero carb days, liquid only days and dairy free days could be formulated.