Flours & Ingredients

Low Carb Keto Flours and Ingrediants

Paleto Low carb keto products are designed to mimic the normal food habits of Indians but with low carb suitable for Keto, Paleo and Atkins diet. While the texture would be a bit different as these products have no grains/starch/gluten, they help one to maintain similar food ideas like a regular diet albeit significantly healthier.

Low Carb keto roti flour would help you to make roti and parathas which are delicious and can be had with any regular subzi/ bhaji. As the underlying ingredients are delicious, the roti and parathas are naturally delicious. But since they don’t have grains or gluten, the texture may not be exactly like a regular roti.

Low carb Upma mix is a delicious flour that can be used to replace sooji in the traditional Upma.