What Our Happy Customers say

Shweta Venkat, Actress
(Excerpts from video testimonial)

Weight Reduced from 70kg to 58kg.
Complete recovery from PCOD.

“Like how a captain is needed to guide a ship, Savadan Bala Sir guided me and traveled with me in my health journey for 100 days… When the doctor told me that I don’t have PCOD, I thought that she was joking. But the relief I felt is indescribable.”

Saranya , Coimbatore
(Youtuber – My Little World )
(Excerpts from video testimonial)

Weight Reduced from 70kg to 58kg.
Complete recovery from PCOD

“Nobody will even belive I lost 21kgs in 100 days. But coming out of PCOD and Thyroid is more special for me. I Have become more confident and started appearing in my YouTube channel more frequently. Radha Mam, my dietitian has become almost like a friend. Thank you.”

T.S Narayanan, Chennai
(Excerpts from Google Review)

HbA1C Reduced from 9.4% to 6.0% and completely stopped insulin and tablets in 100 days

“Low Carb diet is one of the best diets to come out from Type 2 diabetes and to control our weight And Paleto Nutricare is one of the best Consulting firm to my knowledge. Paleto Consultants and dietitians were very kind enough in clearing all my silly doubts, especially Mr. Savadan, Ms Bhuvaneswari, Ms Presenta.”

Welcome to PALETO

We offer personalized and guided therapeutic nutricare solutions to various lifestyle disorders including Obesity, PCOS and Diabetes Type 2, through a low carbohydrate dietary approach. Some of the popularly known low carb diets include Paleo, Keto and Atkins diet. Our solutions are holistic covering both the physical and mental health of people through nutritional care, curated exercise/yoga, stress management, sleep therapy and mind programming.

Key achievements of Our 100 Days Program

Of all our customers who have finished our 100 Days Program



Achieved Improvement of Minimum 1.5 Point on their HbA1C Level



Of Our Female clients with irregular period regularised their period



Have Achieved a Weight loss of
10kg or more

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Paleto’s Unique Dietary approach

Advantage Paleto Nutricare

  • Scientific and Evidence based solution
  • Focus on the root-cause of lifestyle disorders
  • Using Natural Food Ingredients
  • No artificial meal replacements
  • Completely online
  • Daily monitoring
  • Highly cost-effective and Affordable