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Paleto Nutricare LLP is a Fully Integrated Paleo/Keto/Low Carb Diet Consulting Firm, Providing end to end Diet Solutions

– 100 days Daily Monitored Personalised Diet Consulting

– Paleo/Keto/Low Carb Food Ingredients, Supplements and Food Recipes

– Food Delivery (Chennai only)


Why People Love Us


"HAPPY CUSTOMERS" and Growing Strongly.

Why Paleo/Keto/Low Carb Diet?

World over, the low carbohydrate diets are proving to be very effective for overall health and the benefits are especially significant in

  1. Treatment and even reversal of Diabetes Type 2
  2. Weight Loss / Obesity
  3. Treatment of PCOS and PCOS related infertility
  4. Metabolic Syndrome (if 3 out of 5 criteria is met – High waist circumference, high BP, High blood sugar level, high LDL and low HDL cholesterol, and high triglycerides)
  5. Acidity / Acid Reflux/ GERD

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Why Paleto Nutricare?

We are an exclusive Paleo/Keto/Low Carb specialists – We don’t offer any other kind of diet services.

Not all dietitians are trained and qualified for offering Paleo/Keto and Low Carb diet consultation. Our dietitians are specially trained to offer personalised diet consultations after studying the complete profile of the customer including blood reports and understanding the lifestyle of our clients.

Our  dietitians collectively have offered paleo/keto diet consultation to more than 3000 clients and understand these diets fully. They understand the challenges the clients face and suitably coach and guide the clients through daily monitoring for achieving the desired result.

What are the high carb foods that need to be significantly reduced/avoided?

Apart from refined products like maida, sugar, white rice and starchy vegetables like potato, all the grains including rice (white or brown), wheat and millets are also very rich in carbohydrates.

While millets are considered as a better option in diabetes management due to their fibre and protein content compared to rice, still they are not helpful in a low carb regime as the carb content is still high.

The allowed portion of carbohydrates in a low carb diet should essentially come from non-starchy vegetables, preferably from cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and watery vegetables like snake gourd, bottle gourd, bitter gourd etc.

Does it mean that we cannot anymore have our favorite roti/paratha, idly, upma, pizza etc?

This has been the biggest challenge for people who would like to follow paleo/keto/low carb diet especially with Indian food preferences. That’s is where Paleto comes in. Through significant research, Paleto has introduced some important ultra-low carb products which will help people to maintain their food preferences but with very low carb. Primarily prepared from almond flour, coconut flour and other healthy seeds like pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and flax seeds Paleto products have very low carbohydrates and are suitable for paleo/keto/low carb diets.

Some of the flagship products are

  1. Paleto Low Carb Roti Flour, which can be used for making Roti/Paratha and pizza bases.
  2. Paleto Low Carb Idly Flour,
  3. Paleto Low Carb Upma Mix
  4. Paleto Low Carb Kanji/Porridge Mix
  5. Paleto Cauli rice – the closest substitute for rice in low carb diet which can be used for making delicious biryani, sambar rice, Curd rice etc.
  6. Paleto Coconut Chips
  7. Paleto Puttu Flour